Mobile, User Experience,
& Visual Designer in San Francisco

I am a UI & UX designer working on both mobile and web applications. I have been working in design for more than 9 years. I have a strong focus on usability and user experience, but with a mix of visually stimulating design. I am always looking for a challenge that will enhance my skill set and that will give me a chance to learn as much as possible.

ClearSlide, Inc.

ClearSlide Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, Amazon & Blackberry

Being able to work on the go as a sales person is a must. We were tasked with designing and building apps that would make presenting and sending collatoral seamless. We created 4 apps geared towards different types of use cases in sales.

ClearSlide Mail Product Page

** Featured in iTunes, Smart Selling Tools & AppRater **
** Silver StevieĀ® Award Winner in the 2015 American Business Awards in Innovation **
** Top 10 new iPhone Business Apps in October 2014 **

ClearSlide Mail for iOS and Android gives users the tools they need to connect and respond to customers anywhere, anytime, and from nearly any device. ClearSlide Mail is compatible with most IMAP and ActiveSync email protocols, including Gmail, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. And, with direct integration to CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, all customer interaction and engagement is automatically captured and updated within the account and opportunity records.


  • Securely access Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL (and more) email and calendars
  • Easily manage your contacts and calendars
  • Create, open, forward, and download attachments
  • Compatible with PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG files and more
  • Integrated with ClearSlide, Evernote, Dropbox, and Box
  • The best business app for IMAP & Exchange Servers
ClearSlide Mail for iOS
ClearSlide Mail for Android

ClearSlide Presenter is your go-to app for online and in-person meetings. Easily access your sales content from anywhere, regardless of Internet connectivity. Fully integrated with the ClearSlide web-based platform, Presenter has an intuitive, mobile-optimized interface.

With Presenter, you can easily:

  • Have all your presentations at your fingertips, to access wherever, whenever
  • Present remotely from your iPhone or iPad
  • Choose which presentations to sync so you always have the right content at the right time
  • Utilize any content, including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, video, and more
  • Automatically save slide analytics to your ClearSlide account
  • Collect valuable meeting recaps that sync directly to your CRM
ClearSlide Presenter for iOS

ClearSlide Remote
iOS Android Blackberry Amazon

ClearSlide Remote is a must-have for in-person meetings! Now you can easily navigate between slides or multiple presentations and deliver your sales presentation seamlessly. The app allows you to keep your focus on your audience, and create a presence in the room.


  • Large buttons to move between slides
  • Easily switch between presentations
  • Keep your eye on the audience with tap action notifications
  • Preview slides option to jump to relevant slide
  • Select Slide Mode - Keep slide preview active while presenting
  • Pitch recap provided upon ended session
  • Set an access code for your presentation via the app
  • Easily search for presentations and jump directly to them
ClearSlide Remote for iOS
ClearSlide Remote for Android
ClearSlide Remote for Blackberry
ClearSlide Remote for Amazon Phones

ClearSlide Connect is perfect for the sales person on-the-go. Send your follow-up materials to new contacts in seconds. Simply snap a photo of a business card or enter an email address to effortlessly send sales collateral from anywhere. Receive push notifications from your ClearSlide account when your materials are viewed, so you can stay up-to-the-minute on hot leads or customer requests.


  • Capture leads by snapping a photo of a business card or entering an email address
  • Follow-up with customer and send collateral instantly
  • Receive push alerts when customers view your collateral
  • See page-by-page-by-second analytics of how long a viewer looked at each page
  • Research and connect with customers without leaving the app by connecting your LinkedIn account
  • Easily call or email contacts directly through the app
ClearSlide Connect for iOS
ClearSlide Connect for Android
ClearSlide Connect for Blackberry

ClearSlide Web Platform

Visual & UX Projects

While working at ClearSlide, I worked on a variety of UX & Visual heavy projects from the public-facing website, new features, a full rearchieteching of the administrative side of the platform.

All projects ranged in different levels of complexity and most went from idea, to wireframe, to visual mock ups. I worked directly with developers from start to finish to help insure the highest quality.

ClearSlide Branding & Signage

Billboards, Office Branding & Signage

Working directly with our marketing team as well as different departments, we tried creating different ways to get ClearSlide brand recognizable both internally and outward facing.

  • Billboards
  • Culture Value Walls
  • Misc. Office Signage
clearslide values

GAIN Fitness

Website Redesign

I've worked closely with the GAIN team for the past two years. They wanted a fresh new design for their homepage inorder to showcase all of their Apps.

I spent time designing app icons, helped port their apps to iOS7 design and helped introduce styling they could use for their Android version.

gain fitness

GAIN Trainer & Sign-Up Pages

Various Web Designs

I worked on building out more intuative ways for users to sign up and for GAIN to grow their user base.

gain signup


AOL Instant Messenger

Web & Desktop Application

aol instant messenger aim